Welcome to the handtechclass wiki!

This is a space where we can collaborate and share information and projects from our classroom. We now have a chance to be creative and begin exploring technology beyond the walls of our classroom. There will be students from other classes participating on our wiki so we will see many different views and contributions which will make our wiki even better.

Our First Project

For our first project we will begin creating a wiki about technology. Technology reaches beyond the computer and into other ways we can improve the world. We will explore different areas where technology has changed the world and the way we live. Think about it, how has technology changed the way we live, eat, travel, communicate, learn and even play? How has it affected our health? How has technology changed over the years? What will technology be like in the future?

Click here to see the requirements and rubric.

In order to be safe and have a positive environment, there are a few ground rules we need to follow while working together on this space.


  1. Be kind to others.
  2. Follow the rules given to you. No inappropriate language, comments or information.
  3. Keep personal information private.
  4. Do not change site settings.
  5. Protect your login and password information.
  6. Cite any use of copyrighted material in the wiki.
  7. It is alright to disagree but always be respectful of other opinions.
  8. Never change anyone's work without adding a comment to the discussion area about why you changed their work.
  9. Be school appropriate. All school rules apply here.

Things to think about

  1. Contribute quality information to our site.
  2. You can start new discussions about relevant topics.
  3. You can and should respond to discussion topics and comments from others.