=) Welcome to our awesome communication page (=

ok So every one likes to communicate right but it used to not be so easy. You would have to send letters out to people and the letter wouldn't get to the person untill forever practicly but now all we have to do is press send and any one can get your message like that!!

alphabet.jpg The Alphabet

Lets go back to the beginning, starting when the alphabet first came about. The alphabet plays a big role in today's communication. Without the alphabet we have today, we wouldn't have ways to write letters, type emails, or text people. The first alphabet was created around 3500 BC by the Phoenicians. In 1775 BC the Greeks developed a writing that went from left to right, which is how we write today. In 900 BC the very first postal service was created for the government of China. Today, even though it may be slower than texting, people still send letters through our national postal service. Around 500 to 170 BC papyrus was invented in Egypt. It was the first portable and light writing surface. In 1400 AD the first newspapers showed up in Europe. Five years later Johannes Gutenberg invented a printing press with metal movable type. Now we can text on our cell phone or type on the computer using the keyboard.




The other way we communicate is talking to each other. The phone has really helped with that. In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell patented the first electric

telephone. Since then we have developed the cell phone and now we have the iphone which you can do a lot more things on it instead of just texting and talking.


The Television

Another thing that people use a lot is the TV. In 1925 the first experimental television signal was made. In 1927 the first television broadcasts started in England. Three years later the United States got its first broadcasts. Now we have flat screen television sets that have better sound quality and more channels. Through television we can learn about things that happen all over the world.


Last, but especially not least, the Internet was created. In 1969 the first Internet was started. In 1994 the American government released control of the Internet and the world wide web was developed. It has really boosted our communication today.


The Present

Now we are at where we are today, the present. Sometimes I wonder why the present is called the present. Its like a gift, or thats how i like to think of it. In the past, cellphones have had just calling and texting. Now, we have pictures, videos, music, and much more. Some even have a touch screen!! I would say technology has come a lot for communication. Do you ever notice that whenever a special holiday pops up, kids like me want laptops or a new cell phone? That's mostly because they want to talk to their friends.



Now if you look back at how our communication has improved you'll see that we have come very far so this is just my opinion, but i think that in a number of years there will be totally new ways to commuicate. Cause almost every year something new is created that helps you communicate!!