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Refrigerators/freezers changed meat preserving so it doesn’t rot as fast as it used to. the stove also helps but it is different in a way because you cook in the stove or you can cook on the stove it basickaly does the same thing as the grill just fits in side the house and uses electricity. you know when your school has restraunts have glasses and lights on top of the food? well the lights keep the food warm till you need or want to eat it. The steel pans or plates also help because the lights heat up the pans or plates and thats what also helps keep the food from getting cold.
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Injection technology has also changed food. Recently, Heinz released a green colored ketchup which raised its share in the ketchup market by 5%. There are color changes in other foods though. Parkay put shocking pink and electric blue butter in stores. Cheese scientists are currently making cheese with fruity flavors such as blueberry, lemon, and grape.


The freezers used in the 1900s were similar to the ones we use today, except they used Freon technology. Freon is a chemical that kept things cold but released chlorofluorocarbons, which endangered the ozone layer. Before that, refrigerators used toxic gases like ammonia. And before that, they used ice in a cellar to keep their food preserved. Now, there are fridges that use other chemicals.

Microwave technology
Microwave ovens changed food a lot. It was discovered when a scientist, Dr. Spencer was doing a test which involved microwaves, had left a candy bar in his pocket, which melted. The doctor expanded on it, aiming microwaves at an egg. The egg started heating up. He soon made a microwave oven that was 6 feet tall and weighed 750 pounds. They started getting smaller and more popular in the following years. They let people cook foods faster, and let them save money.

Space Food
Space food has changed how we stock and process foods. With adding a freeze drying process, they make food for homebound senior adults. They made equipment that dehydrates food for astronauts. The astronauts of the Apollo-Soyuz sampled Soviet space food when the crew had lunch together.Some of the foods were canned beef tongue, packaged bread, and tubes of borscht and caviar. The borscht was labeled "vodka" as a joke.