BY Kaci And Emmianne

How Technology has effected Health and Medical

Technology has affected Health and Medical a lot over the past 100 years! New inventions, Devices even new cures. On the webpage we will talk about how technology has affected health and medical over the years.

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Past tecnology
An x-ray of a Knee
Before the technology that we had to day the health and medical was not very good! People died earlier and they could not cure as many things. They did not have the medicines and devices that we have today. They had different more deadly sicknesses. They did not even have the X-rays until 1950. People could not tell how it was broken and why because they could not see the bones. Also they did not have very advanced doctors and medicines. They did not have cat scans and the surgeries were not very good.

Todays Tecnology Today we have many more things than they had in the past. We have cat scans and x-rays and advanced doctors. We have even more cures for sicknesses and more medicines. So people these days live a lot longer. Today we have way more successful surgeries in fact the United States has the best health and medical in the world.We even have better hospitals.
A toy hospital
A toy hospital

Future technology In the future the Technology well be very advanced. They will be able to make hearts by copying cells over and over and over again. They will have probably cured cancer and have many many type of medicines beond our mind! People will probably live longer. One thing that will probably happen is every thing will be simple instead of getting a shot you can take a pill. And they will probably have liked a door you walk threw and it will give you a whole body x-ray! As a result peopel probably wont get sick as much as we do now.