How technology changed the news.

From the town crier to the radio to the new technology of the TV and computer. In the B.C. they used town criers to spread the word. In 1896 the radio changed the face of the earth for ever and the news word could now be spread over several miles in no time at all finally allow news to travel across the us and being able to keep contact with other areas now with a radio in every house and one of the most rapid spread of technology of that time tell the 1920s the first ever video brood casting began in no time the radio was replaced with the new TV and the TV was a instant hit every one was trying to get one this new device took the news to a hole new level from the sounds of the radio to the video and sounds . The television set has become a common thing in homes, businesses and institutions, particularly as a source of entertainment and new. In 1928 the first ever collard TV was soled with the new TV spreading the nation and making a meager impact on the new now not only is there video news but now with collar. In 1940 the computer was invented at the time it was about the size of a room in1945 the first small computer was born and along with it the net. the net aloud people to ask a hole new world of billions of website and the new with the new only being a click away now the old radio was slowly becoming a thing of the past little did the world no about the meager break throw that would happen only 8 years latter the cell the cell was at first a wireless phone but thin the cell was born and thin the phase the news is all ways with you was not just a metaphor is now reality .

The over all of modern news

In to days world we are use to the instant on the spot news but what most people didn’t now is the men in women that are reporting for us have to take on a more challenging job to get us on the spot news for example the reporter in Iraq were in the middle of gun fire several times and even died to bring you the on the spot news and with the technology of to day the news travels every were and is all ways with us waiting for your news is a thing of the past and with all the advance mint weave had who nose watts in store for tomorrow
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