Project Requirements

Choose a subject from the following choices: The Arts, Communication, Computers, Education, Environment, Food, Games, Health/Medical, Military, Movies/Television, Music, News, Sports, Transportation. Create a Wiki page to discuss how technology has changed this industry. Post a discussion question about your subject to the Discussion board and monitor the discussion.

  1. Choose a subject/industry.
  2. Research your topic. Do not copy and paste information. This would be plagiarism and possible copyright infringement.
  3. Consider the following questions to help you get started.
    • Has technology impacted this industry?
    • When did these changes begin?
    • How has the industry changed as a result of technology?
    • What are the pros and cons?
    • What plans for future changes in technology will impact this industry?
    • What are your thoughts on what has happened and what needs to happen to improve the technology for this industry?
  4. Create or add to a wiki page(s) to share the information you have found in your research. Use your own words and ideas.
  5. Each page is to have at least 2 images. Be creative. Don't forget, you can use Paintshop Pro to create new images.
  6. Each subject is to have one of the following: PowerPoint, Photostory, Vodcast or Podcast (Video or Audio project)
  7. Post a discussion question on the discussion board about your subject for others to discuss. Monitor the discussion.
  8. Respond to discussion questions on the board. These should be quality responses. This means complete sentences, thoughtful information and ideas. If we disagree, we disagree with respect.
  9. Add references to our References page under your subject heading.


There will be individual and group grades. The grade distribution is listed below.


Quality response to a discussion question. (2 weeks)
Quality response to another participant's response. (2 weeks)
Individual Total


Create a Wiki page
Each page has 2 images.
Each subject has one of the following: PowerPoint, Photostory, Vodcast or Podcast
Information on the wiki has been thoroughly researched and quality information added.
The layout of the wiki is easy to read and follow.
A quality discussion question about the subject posted on the discussion board.
Discussion about the question monitored and participation encouraged.
References added to the References page under the subject heading.
Total Group points possible