Snowboarding is far more advanced than most people think. There are specific designs devoted to certain occupations of quote, boarding. There are straight boards for racing and/or going immensely fast, there are shorter boards for easier turning, and, the list goes on. There is even a company made exclusively for technologically advanced snowboards, called Lib-Tech. the brand Salomon, who specializes in high quality ski, and snowboard gear, their most recent invention, which by the way was totally original, the invention was a snowboard made entirely of bamboo, for better flexibility, but this snowboard (because of the originality), is priced at $600. The snowboard emerged in history from the eighties. It was modeled after the popular sled mechanism, called the snurfer, which was invented by a fellow citizen of California. Over the years the shape and technology of the snowboard has hugemungousally changed. I remember my dad telling me about when he first snowboarded: it was in the mid-eighties, he was in his teens, and the only reason he was able to go to the ski slope was because of a class field trip, for his family was verrry pooooor. He told me about how crappy the boards were, because they were, well, literally boards. They were flat at the ends so they dug into the snow, but, they were the best he could use. But nowadays most retailers of snow recreational devices wouldn't even think about selling something like that.


Fishing and Hunting
Fishing and hunting have always been a way to get away from it all. The stress and work of the school or office can be eased with a day in the field or on the lake. But with advent of the computer age, leaving civilization has become increasingly difficult. Now, with new technology you can bag game without getting your bore smoking’.
Today there are thousands of new video games that allow you to get the feel of the catch or hunt with out leaving you local sports bar or living room couch. This may have first appeared with the unbelievable technology of the Nintendo 64 and the Duck Hunt video game. The picture above shows why hunting video games are not realistic.

Sadly, because of these developments the number of outdoorsmen is greatly decreasing. This is not only good for the Prius driving hippies, but also for the predators such as wolves and coyotes. For more on the decline of hunting try this link: Click Here for Sports Illustrated Article.

Of course technology hasn’t been all bad to hunting and fishing, tru-glow sights and non-back lashing bait cast reels have both had positive affects on hunting and fishing. There are even more applications of technology in hunting and fishing that dates back a few years.

For years, almost half a century, the pump-action shotgun was considered to be too risky to use. They used super fragile single pieces of weak metal to support for the pump forearm. There were many complications of such a device and even though pump action shotguns were generally more expensive than the then popular break actions, they were difficult to use and had to be lubricated often. But then, in the 1950's Remington introduced the 870 model with double metal slides. With this new technology, the 870 became the most popular ever.

Fishing also had technological difficulties to overcome. The fishing rod itself was the thing that 'needed' to be updated. My father tells of when he was a kid in the 1950's and when he used cane poles to catch lunkers out of his farm ponds. Somehow along the line a person decided that you fundamentally can not catch fish with cane poles and the fiberglass fishing rod was invented. I do not understand the need. A rod is not the important thing in fishing, the bait is, or the hook, or the line, or the reel, or (and perhaps definitely the most important) the persons luck. But nowadays, a fishing rod can cost upwards of $300. The fishing rod has evolved again into the graphite fishing pole. Fenwick, Mitchell, and Berkley all sell fishing rods that are priced over $500. That is an expensive cane pole.


General info.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation invented the first form of instant replay in 1955.


Tennis has been dramaticly effected by technology in many ways. Way back in 1200 people used wooden raquets probably about the size of a modern day badmitton raqucet, only heavyer. way back then it was an acconmplishment to get the ball back over the net. but nowadays we have 10 oz. racquets that can acomplish speedes of up to 150 MPH. the first jump from those crapsticks was the jump to steel frames around the 1950s. these were quickly replaced with gpraqhite racquets. Graphite raquets were very light (around 9 oz.), the downside was the shock generated from hitting the ball and lack of power. prince was the first company to produce oversize and powerful raquets. These racquets were very light as well, the only differance was the higher power. these raquets are still very popular today. Most racquets used today are thin framed, titanium, hard hitting racquts. The evolution of racquets have turned a inconsistant sport into a highly complex game of spins and angles.

Since technology hit the world of sports have been more fun and their is less arguing. Since we have instant replay it is making refs, umps jobs a whole lot easier. Scoreboards have evolved the most since technology and sports conjoined. Back then the scorekeepers used wooden planks that they would have to flip with their hands. Know is all scorekeepers have to do is press a button and it changes the score, innings.