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When you think of how technology has affected tvs you atomaticly think of High Definition and the picture of tvs. You also think of the size of the tvs. All of this has changed over time. The tvs used to be really thick and big with pillowed screens. They also had anolog receivers. The tvs did not have High def and the picture was in black and white. There was not cable, they did not have many chanels or sattelites.The tv was invented in 1922 on Decembre 22nd. The first time tv was brodcasted in color was December 17, 1953. The first time satellite was used was in the 1950s and 60s. December 17, 1953 was the last major event in television history. external image lg-super-slim_48.jpg

The future of television will change over the next few years by coming out with more high def. bigger t.v’s and make a lot of other things look like 3-D. Also you should be able have no remotes in an article that I read you should be able to teel the t.v to change the channel to wuut channel you want it to.
THE PRESTENT The tvs has come a far way from then to now. Now we have plasma screens and tv on our phones. Networks are trying to keep their audiences, so they are now putting our favorite shows on the internet. They have started putting full episodes on the internet like recaps, games, webisodes, photos, and even production. Most of the tvs we use today are LCDs, plasmas, DLPs, and HDTV.