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The arts

Technology has improved art in many ways. Our utensils have developed greatly and without this we would still be drawing on cave walls with random items like rock chalk or even our own blood, (gruesome, right?). What we create art with, our mediums, such as clay, paper, easel's, and many other things, have come far through the ages. We've been able to create beautiful works of art, an example being the picture above. Our perception of beauty has grown widely, from cavemen stick figures to roman statues, a huge gap of difference between the two, and technology has helped that growth.
Technology has been a big part of our evolution through the arts.

Without invention there would not have been beautiful painting marks. Without invention the arts that we have now might not have been here today.
Without brushes artists could not paint those delicate thin beautiful strokes or write beautiful calligraphy. Without pencils there would not be black and white art work, sketches would take longer using a paint brushes, we would still have to use quills to write with. Imagine using a quill from the 1900s to write an assignment. Plus pencils do not smear when drawing or writing with. Did you know pencil last longer than pen? Without crayons what would little kids draw and color with? Back then crayons would cost a lot, now it cost no more than $0.60.
Today we have awesome technology like animination. We used to have to use flip-books when we didn't have technology so we could see the picture move. Now we can make virtual pictures and see them move without the paper or the fliping. We can make virtual people move without having to draw them on paper.


As we can see here this is a picture of our modern time.
This artist used technology . Back then this masterpiece would of
been impossible.

Please enjoy this podcast made by us. This is very informational and teaches you a little about Manga an art orginaning from Japan.