Time Line

Without some of the technology we have today we would of never invented these things.

  • 3500 B.C. Fixed wheels on carts invented.
  • 3500 B.C. River boats invented.
  • 2000 B.C.The first form of transportation was the horse. The horse was used for many reasons. Later on they attached carts on to the horses so more then one person can ride.
  • 181-234 The wheel barrel is invented.
  • 1620 Cornelis Drebbel invented the submarine.
  • 1788 The next big thing was ships and boats. . They also were used for warfare. The ship was used to discover America. Those ships were made of lumber. Now a days they are made of metal.
  • 1801 The train came next, it started out as a steam engine where they used coal to power it. More modern trains are powered on electricity, one example is the bullet train.
  • 1807 Next was the hydrogen powered car.
  • 1903 The first successful flight by the Wright Brothers.
  • 1907 Very first helicopter flight. (unsucccessful design)
  • 1908 Henry Ford improves assembly line for cars.
  • 1908 Hydrofoil boats invented. (skimmed surface of water)
  • 1926 First liquid propelled rocket launched.
  • 1940 Modern helicopter invented.
  • 1947 First supersonic jet flight.
  • 1956 Hovercraft invented.blue_angels.jpg
  • 1964 Bullet train transportation invented.
  • 1969 First manned mission to the moon.
  • 1970 First jumbo jet.
  • 1981 Space shuttle launched