in september 1939 world war 2 began. by the end of the war the american air craft dominated the sky. the u.s. airforce accelerated when japan attacked pearl harbor. the todal victory for the allies happened when two b-29 bombers bombed Japan in 1945. the air force got there respaect and worked as partners with the army and navy.

the threat of communism coming from soviate union made U.S. leaders strengthen military forces especialy air power. in the cold war the U.S. military used new jets for aircraft other then the propeller ones. with help from the navy and marines the air force protected the united nation from communism of the soviate union. towards the end of the cold war the U.S. started to send sattalites for military purposes.

even though the cold war was over that did not mean the U.S. had nothing to worry they had to always be ready for nuclear attack and large forces over seas were ready to fight a world war three. the airforces weapons helped them alot in mission desert storm in 1991.

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planes have changed over the years from bi planes to jets. starting out with the bi-planes like the albatros D.V. during world war 1 then in world war to the p-51 mustang and messerschidt which was one of the first jets. then in the cold war the U.S. used bombers like the stratofortress. then in the korean war the f-4 phantom. after the korean war the the vietnam war started and the americans used FAU crusaders on aircraft carriers. and then on to the war on terrorism, now we use planes such as the F-16, the F-17, and the F-18 tomcat. you see technology has affected planes through out the air force from better bodies of planes to better weapons on them to faster speed and it will continue getting more advanced for a long time.


Helicopters were already being made in WW2. surprisingly it was the Germans who made the first functional helicopter. It was known as the Dragonfly and was used as a utility aircraft. Today the united states Air Force uses the best helicopter in the world, the Apache longbow. the odd disk thing on top of the rotors is the longbow radar which chooses the 16 most dangerous targets out of several hundred aircraft.

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There are many weapon systems in the world. On the f-22's AIM-9's and AIM-120's that are held internally in launch bays and when fired are ejected out before they start ignition. Both missiles are anti aircraft.

Back in WW2 the most powerful weapons that could be used on fighters were 20 or 30 millimeter cannons.