games havee cangend many people lives. form boord games to the xbox 360
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]this was made in the 1500 games have bin a round for more than a thousend years games have help with fitnes games ther ar lots fo difrent games like boord games or viedos games some games ar chalange your brian like brian age Ralph Baer and Nolan Bushnell were the first people to bring games in to people homes the first pc was released in 1981. new games ar triing to make the player feel like they ar in the game.most boord games have to ways to play. there is strategy games and then there is racing games. one of the world most popular boord game is Monopoly.Monopoly has bin made in to 15 languages.more than a 100 million copies have ben sold and there is more than 20 diffeient one knows who made the vary first monopoly